Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corner View- "This is horrible!"

I find it rather ironic that this week's CV theme is, "this is horrible". This week  year has been horrible for me and my family. As some of you know, my Dad has been battling lymphoma for a little over a year now. We rejoiced after he finished his chemo; there was no activity. On Friday, September 14th, we learned what we had been fearing...that the cancer was back, and with a vengeance. Daddy, ever the fighter, insisted on trying chemo again. His oncologist was gentle with us when she told us that it was probably not going to work. She waited patiently for us to come to the same conclusion, and last Wednesday, Dad came home to wait for death to come, with Hospice to help him and Mom. Horrible is watching someone you love die a slow death. Horrible is wanting so badly to help and knowing with that sick feeling in the deep pit of your stomach that there is nothing you can do to help....except wait with him, hold his hand, offer a cool cloth, a back rub, a reminiscence and let him know through words, and touch, how much he is loved....and how much he will be missed.

I love you, Dad.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Corner View- "Impression"

Today's CV theme is "Impression". I read all of the posts before writing mine, just to see what everyone else's take on it was. Because, you know, the word Impression has many meanings. For instance, there's an impression that you make when you bury something into a soft material, like clay or sand....

Then there's an impression, like one is trying to give a hint of something, as in Impressionist art...that something might herald the arrival or departure of something, like a season for instance...

...or of something one is making....

There is impression as in creating a strong effect on the intellect, emotions or conscience, as in "This book made a real impression on my life", or, "That song created quite an impression on my heart".

Impression can mean a vague remembrance, notion or belief of an event or occurrence, as in, "When I was little, I get the impression that I liked to play in the sprinkler a lot, often in the buff".( The memory becomes a little less vague when there are snapshots to prove it!)

Then there is "making a good impression". I was recently accused of only being interested in making a lot of money (HA!) and impressing my friends. To that I say, true friends don't need impressing. If you have to impress them, they aren't really your friends. Aren't you impressed? : 0)

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