Wednesday, May 18, 2011

News Flash!

Okay, the fact that I am WOEFULLY  behind on my blog is not the news flash, folks. The news flash is related to what showed up in my mailbox a coupla days ago.
Yep, that's my design on the cover. I screamed when I saw it. Out loud...really! Anyone who knows me very well knows I am not given to such over-exuberant displays of emotion, but....I was just. so. excited! Then, as if that weren't enough, while thumbing through the book, I also found this:
I did both of these designs for Caron Yarns, International some time ago. I wasn't sure exactly where or when they would turn up. I am told (for anyone who might be interested) that this book will be available at Joann's craft stores. Get yours now! I will have to see about doing a giveaway for a signed copy soon, but you can't have my copy! Until next time, keep those hooks flying!