Friday, January 30, 2009

Well Folks, we are surviving the icy blast. We are much more fortunate than many in Arkansas, since we didn't have any damage to our home, nor did our family. We are campers from way back, and like the song says, "Country folks can survive"! We easily got an inch of ice on EVERYTHING. There's the love of my life clearing our driveway. He also cleared the neighbor's driveway AND singlehandedly cleared the county road we live on. He is a handy fella to have around!

The ice can be as beautiful as it can be troublesome and dangerous.

This is one of the (many, many) trees that we will have to cut down around our home. Tuesday night was eerie, the woods around us sounded like a war zone with all the popping and crashing of tree tops and limbs all night long. The good Lord kept us all safe, however, and for that I am very grateful!
The upside of all this ice is that I have had A LOT of crocheting time!!!
Stay warm, ya'll!!!
Crochet Renee'