Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here are the socks I have been working on. They are a gift for someone, but can't tell you who, they might be reading my blog! Anyway, I have increased and am ready to turn the heels. This yarn is beautiful, and I am happy to report that I did buy more in another colorway to make some for myself. Stay tuned to see how they look when they are done! I don't think I will ever knit one sock at a time again!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue Hawaii Jacket

I have had a couple of readers of "Easy as 1-2-3 Crochet" by DRG publications contact me for clarification of how to work the sleeve ends on the Blue Hawaii Jacket. The photos in the book don't have a great close-up of the sleeve detail, so I figured if there were two people who cared enough out there to email me for clarification, there might be others out there who have perhaps started this project and run up against some confusion while working this part of the jacket/sweater. 
As you can see in the picture,  it appears as though half a "doily" is attached at the end of the sleeve. the yarn is joined at the center medallion seen at the bottom edge of the picture, worked back and forth, anchoring each row to the end of the sleeve. At one point, the pattern says, "you will now begin working in the round" (I don't remember where, and can't put my hands on the book right now, but the instructions really do say something like that!); at that point you will work in the round, and the lower inside edge of the sleeve with look like this:
 Hope that's a little clearer than mud! If you have any questions about any of my published patterns, feel free to email me. I like people to be successful in recreating my designs! Happy hooking!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ends, ends and more ends....

Just finished my most recent project for a major yarn company a couple of days ago. Here is what's left of all the ends I had to weave in! Pretty colors, huh? Project details forthcoming; stay tuned!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bunny Yarn!!!

So I got the itch after plucking some Angora bunnies to do some dyeing. I like to use ketchup and mustard bottles I have gotten from the local dollar store. (They come two for a dollar). That way I can better control where I place my color. I just mix my stock solutions and they keep in there for whenever I am ready for dyeing.

This is the fiber from one of my male bunnies, one I call Hunny Bunny. I call him that because he is a warm, honey color. Here the fiber is pre-soaking (in about an inch of water with a drop of Eucalan) before adding the dye.Here is the same fiber with the colors added. I used Jacquard Acid Dyes in teal, turquoise, sky blue and pink.

This is the fiber after having simmered gently in the dyepot for over an hour.

I had to let the fiber sit for a couple of days because I had a deadline to meet for a crochet project. I was itching to spin it to see how it would turn out, so I took it to the open work night last night at my LYS along with my spinning wheel. This is the finished product. Actually I still have to wash this to set the twist, but I was so excited, I had to share it! Now I have to figure out what it wants to be...any ideas?