Friday, January 1, 2010

This year I propose not necessarily to make resolutions, but to continue with some of the things I already do, but just do them more often and with more frequency. Here are some photos I took this year to help illustrate what I mean....

...I will remain curious.

I will continue to use my creativity. 

I will appreciate the beauty that God creates....

I will have more fun. 

I will fish more often. 

I will rest more and enjoy a good backrub whenever I can.

I will enjoy God's bounty and take time to smell the flowers (and make tea from them, too!)

I will continue to meet interesting new people, make new friends, and keep the old ones close to my heart.


I will walk...A LOT more!

I will love more, pray more and let those I love know it!
May ya'lls New Year bring many blessings and I pray you will enjoy the Lord's favor! Until next blog, keep those hooks and needles flying and may your yarn never tangle!
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