Saturday, July 28, 2012

Teaser Alert!!!!

I am so excited by August's shawl, "Margaret", that I just have to blog some more about it. I finally got the pictures with my lovely model, Shelley. What do I love about this shawl? (In no particular order)
1. It's easy. Super easy.
2. Worsted weight yarn, so it works up fast. Super fast.
3. The colors! Red Heart's Boutique yarn, "Unforgettable" has great long color repeats in seven fabulous colorways!
4. The unique shape of this shawl allows it to be styled multiple ways.
5. I FINALLY learned how to do a reverse single crochet! And my mind is racing with all of it's possible applications!
6. It's named after my friend and world-renowned crochet legend, Margaret Hubert.
7. Really short rows, so it's easy to put down and not lose your place.
8. Did I mention the colors?
9. RH Boutique's "Unforgettable" is machine washable........and (get this) dry-able!
10. The colors....did I mention the colors?!?!?!?!



Stay tuned...the pattern will be available on Wednesday, August 1st!!!!
UPDATE! AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!! Click here: 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Peek- August's Shawl!!!

I know I don't typically let you see the next month's shawl until I have a live model. But...I just couldn't help myself. Before I show you, though, I have a bit of a digression to go through. I am a self-confessed yarn snob. No, it's true. It wasn't always that way. I, like many crocheters, was raised on good ol' Red Heart Super Saver. When I became a spinner, I began to shun many of the mainstream, what are considered "craft yarns". Handspun gave me the bias I never had before, what with alpaca, angora, silk, extra-fine get the picture.

But now? Well, I am going to have to get off my high-horse, ya'll. I have had a yarn epiphany! While at the recent Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire, I had the opportunity to handle some of the new Red Heart Boutique yarns. I gotta tell ya'll........this ain't the Red Heart you're thinking of! The folks over at Coats & Clark have really raised the bar with the Boutique line. I was privileged to be granted three skeins of one of their yarns, "Unforgettable", in the Tidal colorway. It is listed as a roving yarn, but really, I felt like it was more of a subtle thick/thin singles yarn, loosely twisted, with these LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG color changes, which work so much better for crochet than spotty, short color changes. The hand of the yarn is nice while working with it, and because it is essentially a worsted weight, this month's shawl worked up quickly. Hit it with some steam (Or "kill it", as my friends Amy and Donna over at Crochetville like to say), and it becomes lustrous and silky! I will tell you the name of the shawl in a future post, during the "official" debut. But I just had to take some pics on the mannequin, just to tease you a little bit!
As you can see, I took full advantage of those long color changes! Go visit my friends over at Red Heart, like their facebook page and stop in and say "Hi!" over at Crochetville  and like their page too, while you're at it! By the way, Red Heart is having a "Christmas in July" sale, good until 7/23/2012, where you can save a whopping 15% on your order of $30 or more. A great chance to get stocked up on "Unforgettable" in several colorways before this pattern comes out! In case you're'll need three skeins. Stay tuned!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

CGOA was fun!

I had the great privilege of helping Amy Shelton to emcee Saturday night's fashion show at the CGOA annual banquet. It was a lot of fun, and Amy and I got to hand out prizes. This night is always a lot of fun, because everyone dresses up and shows off their crocheted finery. I don't often have a reason to dress up, so I always look forward to this night.
Thursday afternoon, I helped Amy and Kathleen (with Red Heart Yarns) to set up their booth. I also helped them break it down on Sunday. Here are Tammy Hildebrand, Andee Graves, Kathleen Sams, Amy Shelton and Susan Lowman, all hard at work packing up, so the young man in the background can put it all on a truck and ship it back to Coats & Clark.

It was a very busy week, and I have lots more to share! It was especially fun to feel all the new Boutique Yarns from Red Heart...if you think you know Red Heart, you might have to think again. They have so much more than Super Saver! As soon as I actually get home and unpack, I will share exactly what I am talking about!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

12 Shawls in 2012: July- Summer Storm

Well, well, well. I must say it has been a VERY BUSY  week for me at the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire. In all of the hustle and bustle, I did not forget that today is the first of July. Which means, it's time to debut July's shawl, right? So without further ado, take a look at this month's offering, "Summer Storm".
Worked in Madelintosh Tosh Light in the colorway "Steam Age", The gray with overtones of pink, teal and lavender reminded me of storm clouds in the summer sky.
 My heartfelt thanks goes out to my capable and willing model, Amy Shelton. Amy is the current CGOA President, co-owner of Crochetville, and one of my very dear crochet friends. She and I have a lot of fun (getting into trouble) together at Chain Link! Thanks again, Amy! I can hardly wait for next time!

By the way, stay tuned for more crochet adventures from this past week. I have a few more pictures to share, but in the meantime, I am going to bed to rest up for my travels home tomorrow.