Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Corner View-Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

This week's Corner View theme is Old, New, Borrow, Blue. Most people think of wedding stuff, but since I didn't have any "wedding-y" things to post, I had to improvise.
Something old (You may remember this and some other old patterns from my post here)...Click the link below for something new.
(New spring lambs and their shenanigans)
This owl let me borrow his time long enough to get a picture last week, before he flew away.
And these are some petunias at my Mom & Dad's house (with a yellow sulfur butterfly) from last summer.
So there you have it...something old, new, borrowed and blue!

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Mezzamay said...

I love vintage patterns...very inspiring!

Debra said...

The petunia picture looks like an undersea shot.

Francesca said...

I loved your old/vintage patterns post. I saw three foxes in the last 10 days, and before I realized they were neither cats nor dogs (it was nighttime) they were gone, and would not let me borrow their time!

Crochet Renee' said...

I actually snapped several pics of the owl, all terrible. You really couldn't even see it, but I actually was about 3-4 feet away when I shot this picture. I kept holding my breath, waiting for it to fly away and to not have a good picture. But it was very kind to let me get such a good shot finally!