Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 Shawls in 2012- February's selection

So, I am doing really well with keeping to my deadline to release a new shawl pattern on the first of every month so far (Okay, so we've only had 2 months so far, but just so's you know, I am on track with March's design, too!). But, I have been remiss at posting here and on the website about it in a timely manner. So...without further ado, here is February's shawl.

This is made in the lovely Patons Lace. I love the long color repeats of this yarn. Self-striping yarns in general seems to often have such short color repeats that the striping is lost with crochet. But not so with this yarn. It comes in several lovely colorways. I chose this colorway, "Woodrose", because it's kinda Valentine-y. The colors remind me of my fave Valentine's Day treat, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, so that's what I am calling this shawl. Now we can all enjoy this treat without any calories. In fact, if you crochet this at a crazy, fast and furious pace, perhaps you can burn enough calories to enjoy a few of the real things!

If you are following along with this challenge and want to get the pattern, click the button. Thanks!

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Francesca said...

Renee - I saw this a few days ago, and was in awe. I was hoping to find suitable words to tell you what a lovely shawl this is, but ... well, it's really lovely!