Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Shawls in 2012: January- New Beginnings Shawl

Happy New Year!!! I am looking forward to this year being a good one. 2011 was not the best year we ever had in our house. Let's just leave it at that, 'kay? I was toying around with an idea to do 12 shawls in 2012, but was reluctant to venture out, since I had a client who kept me very busy with design work. Unfortunately, that same client got bought out by another company, who does all their design suddenly, I was out of that job. Consequently, I now have a little more design time on my hands so I decided to go for it! What's the first in the series? I am so glad you asked!
I am calling this lacy little number the January- New Beginnings Shawl.
In case you wanna buy it now, here's the button that will get you there:

Pretty, huh? This yarn is one of my new favorites, Ivy Brambles Romantica Merino Lace. It is hand dyed by a lovely couple in New Hampshire. The colors and the fibers are SO. YUMMY.  They also hand dye a pure silk lace weight yarn. Don't worry, I have some, and yes, you will eventually be seeing it here! Be sure and give them a visit, buy some yarn and give it a "spin" and let them know Crochet Renee' sent you!


Francesca said...

Oh, Renee the shawl is SO lovely!
I hope 2012 will be easier for your family - happy new year!

Crochet Renee' said...

Thanks Francesca. I hope so too. My father is still very ill, and we still haven't figured out what it's going to take to make him well again. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Hope you are having a great time here, on our side of the pond!

OzarkSue said...

Renee, I love to crochet and am so glad to see what you are doing here. I certainly will be a follower of yours. For 2012 I want to learn to knit also. Let you know how that turns out. Happy New Year, OzarkSue

Haley said...

That is beautiful! I have a shawl on the hook right now but I also have some yarn whispering for a New Beginning! I will definitely be putting this one in my que and will be looking forward to seeing the other 11 coming this year. Hope this is a Happy Healthy New Year for you and your family. I will continue to keep you Dad in my thoughts and prayers.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
:o) Haley

Crochet Renee' said...

Sue, so glad to know that you are going to make the shawl. We should get together some time...I would be happy to teach you how to knit. Haley, thanks for your words of support, in more ways than one! I may have to get you to tech some of these patterns for me! I have "back burnered" the book for the moment, but will be coming back to it sometime in the not too distant future. Dad is still very ill, so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Beautiful work!!!!