Sunday, October 17, 2010

One repeat done...Spider Stitch Shawl!

So I have a good start on my Spider Stitch Shawl for the CAL. I am using Naturally Caron's Country in the colorway Spice House. It says Fall to me. This is a lovely, affordable blend with 25% Merino wool and 75% Microdenier (which is a big word that means extra fine) Acrylic, making it machine wash and dry. I am thinking the wool will add to the warmth, and the easy care fibers will make this something I will wear often. How is yours coming along? Remember, we have a Ravelry group, where everyone can show off their work!
Happy Hooking,


Francesca said...

Beautiful and unusual shawl. I just learned a couple of weeks ago from a reader that that motif has a name and is called "spider"!

Francesca said...

I should have clarified that in that motif I see a sun, a star, something bright and celestial. Definitely, not a black critter ... however halloween-ish:)

Kirsten said...

As an editor at, we think your projects are great. We would like to feature your projects and photos on our site (which will also drive traffic back to you). We know our readers would love to make your projects. Please let me know if we have your permission to feature your patterns. Thanks!


Crochet Renee' said...

Kirsten, this pattern in particular, while it is my design, is actually owned by Caron Yarns, International. I do have a free pattern on right now and do keep one up there. Those patterns are owned by me and you are more than welcome to share them. Thanks for your interest!

Crochet Renee' said...

Francesca, Thanks for your comments. Funny that you see something celestial in the pattern. One of the participants in the crochet-along for the shawl named it something like "Celestial Star Shawl" or something like that.