Saturday, November 3, 2012

Santa Fe- Friday

On a kind of spur of the moment offer (well, at least insofar as I am able to be "spur of the moment"), a coworker and friend told me she was going to Santa Fe, and would I like to come along? She has a friend who has a casita here, so I would only be out travel and food. I didn't think I could swing it, initially, but then the planets aligned and it all worked out. In spite of my friend Deb's exploding suitcase on the way to the airport and the fact that her friend has given her the wrong key to get into the house! But no worries, dear readers; as I told Deb, when I am traveling for pleasure, I just look at hiccups like that as part of the adventure. We managed to procure a new suitcase before getting to the airport and a neighbor who keeps a key to the casita so she and her husband can keep an eye on things when the owners are gone was able to help us out with getting in and out by bringing us a key. See? No big deal. Anyhow, it was late enough on Thursday once we got out and about (and I left my camera back at the casita!), that I didn't get any pictures until Friday. So here goes:
On Friday morning, we went to the Santa Fe School of Cooking, where we took a class on Contemporary Southwestern Cuisine. Here is Chef Michelle Roetzer
showing us how to make vanilla espresso flan. I had never actually had flan before, but it was amazing; think, satin sheets for you mouth...I know, weird imagery, but it's the best I can come up with right now.

Here is my friend Deb, just as our meal was served.

I should have used my flash, but our meal was Orange-Coriander grilled salmon with poblano lime jam, fresh corn-green onion tamales, Chipotle black beans, cabbage slaw with cilantro and serrano chile, and finishing with the flan. Sorry, didn't get a pic of the flan before I ate inhaled it.

This is the famous Loretto Chapel;  click the link and you can find out why they are famous.

Bear with me while I show you some different angles; I just love old architectural details...

If you clicked the link above, then you will find out more about the miraculous Loretto staircase. If you didn't and are just too lazy to scroll up, here it is again.
It's a very interesting story.

Today (as I am actually writing this on Saturday morning), we are headed back into town to get on a tour that will take us out Canyon Road. There are supposed to be a lot of artists and other things to see and do. Catch ya'll later!


Kathryn Vercillo said...

Looks like a lovely time. The cooking class sounds like a really fun experience!

Like you I always accept that there may be some little hiccups on a trip and don't stress about them - great attitude to have!

Crochet Renee' said...

Thanks! We wound up having a great and relaxing time, which was sorely needed by us both!