Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Corner View- Fauna

I have been absent from Corner View for awhile now. Life's been throwing a few curve balls, and I have been busy swinging away at them. Today's CV theme is "Fauna" The paper fauna started out as Wy wanting to cut out "valentimes". So, rather than use up my printer paper, which he likes to do, we "recycled" some old newspaper. He began to free-hand some unusual shapes that reminded me of fish, and pretty soon I joined him and we ended up with a whole sea full of ocean-living fauna.

On a more sinister note, here is a poisonous snake, known around these parts as a Copperhead, that I killed about a month ago. He is pictured with my weapon of choice (not really, they were all I had handy), a pair of pruning loppers with (thankfully) extendable handles. I hung him on the fence after dispatching him, Texas-style. It's an old Texas legend (and I am a native-born Texan, after all) that if you kill a snake and hang it on the fence, it will rain. And it actually did later that day. Not very much, but it was rain!

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Heather said...

Love the paper fauna! Funny that it did rain!!

Elizabeth said...

Can't say I would have liked to meet the copperhead!
Nice job in the dispatch, though.
Maybe everyone in the draught regions need to kill a few snakes?

Bonnie said...

i'd hang him on the fence to warn other snakes who think it's ok to slither onto my land !!

eeek !

we have lots of poisonous snakes here in australia too ... i haven't had to 'dispatch' any myself thankfully !!

gis said...

love the paper sea fauna, and hey, what a snake!

Francesca said...

i believe in legends. :)