Saturday, July 28, 2012

Teaser Alert!!!!

I am so excited by August's shawl, "Margaret", that I just have to blog some more about it. I finally got the pictures with my lovely model, Shelley. What do I love about this shawl? (In no particular order)
1. It's easy. Super easy.
2. Worsted weight yarn, so it works up fast. Super fast.
3. The colors! Red Heart's Boutique yarn, "Unforgettable" has great long color repeats in seven fabulous colorways!
4. The unique shape of this shawl allows it to be styled multiple ways.
5. I FINALLY learned how to do a reverse single crochet! And my mind is racing with all of it's possible applications!
6. It's named after my friend and world-renowned crochet legend, Margaret Hubert.
7. Really short rows, so it's easy to put down and not lose your place.
8. Did I mention the colors?
9. RH Boutique's "Unforgettable" is machine washable........and (get this) dry-able!
10. The colors....did I mention the colors?!?!?!?!



Stay tuned...the pattern will be available on Wednesday, August 1st!!!!
UPDATE! AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!! Click here: 


Deb's Blogspot said...

Love this one too, Sis! Love YOU!

Crochet Renee' said...

Thanks, Deb! Love you, too!

Kathleen Sams said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

Fellowship By Design said...

I just caught this on FB and bought it right away; it's gorgeous and I can't wait to make it! Well done :o)
Mary Anne Fellows

Anonymous said...

Cool wrap - definitely putting this on my todo.

Crochet Renee' said...

Thanks Mary Anne and Sara...I would love to see them when you are done! Kathleen, Thanks!!! Glad you approve!