Monday, December 5, 2011

226 yards of bliss

I attended the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza this past weekend. While there, I taught a class entitled, "Drapable Crochet". I didn't spend a lot while I was there, as it was a working gig. However, I always like to have a little something to remind me of an event. I picked up a lovely batt, composed of Finn wool, silk and Firestar. It's hard to fully appreciate from this photo, but it has both a halo and a shine. It also has some sparkle. It spun up into 226 yards of fluffy, silky, sparkly two-ply yumminess. I purchased it from Woodenspinner- Fibers by Brenda. You can email her at She had many lovely batts in assorted colors, but I am a sucker for tonal ivories and whites. This colorway is called "Ice Princess". Get yours now!


Francesca said...

what will you make with it?

Crochet Renee' said...

I haven't decided yet! Any suggestions?