Saturday, July 23, 2011

Attack of the killer crustaceans...or what I am crocheting now.

So, okay, I was recently chastised at a stitching group by Lisa, that I needed to do a new blog post. I have been so. freaking. busy. But, today marks day one of a much needed and much longed for 2 week vacation. I will be having shoulder surgery this fall and didn't want my vacation to consist of recuperating from THAT. So, next week I will be in Minneapolis at the Knit and Crochet Show to attend the National Chain Link Conference. I am so excited! I have been 3 of the last 4 years and I always have so much fun. There are people there who get me...really.
My crochet repertoire has been pretty extensive over the years, but one thing I have avoided up until now is making amigurumi.

 Okay, for my friends who DON'T really get me, amigurumi are little crocheted character dolls. I just was never interested. But let the 12 year old granddaughter visit, and suddenly I have become an amigurumi-making machine.
 Also, I have been reorganizing the studio. My work table had disappeared under a fiberstorm. So now I am able to wind yarn, which I have been busy with and making handmade clay buttons. I have a lovely friend who is going to teach me to fire and glaze these buttons, so hopefully this fall I will have some pretty buttons to share with you! Hope you are all having a great summer! Keep cool!


Lisa McB said...

Yea for updating the blog! Your friend Lisa must be a genius!

:-) Lisa

P.S. Love the crustaceans!

Anonymous said...

-and you gotta love the granddaughters choice of colors, after all, everyone has red-orange lobsters, but she's got the only beautiful multi color green one with the purple octopus buddy!

Deb's Blogspot said...

I think you might have meant - attack of the killer crustacean and cephlapod...

Love, Deb

Crochet Renee' said...

Yes, that Lisa is definitely a genius. And thanks, Deb for pointing out that my classification is all wrong, except the "octopus" is actually supposed to be a crab! Oh well. He's cute, at any rate!

Francesca said...

amigurumi looks like a lot of fun, I must try it sometimes. Welcome to Corner View, and good luck for your shoulder surgery, Renee!