Saturday, March 7, 2009

spinning class a success!

Spinning class was a resounding success today. Here are my students Sherri and Sara making yarn! They each were able to spin and ply a few yards of Jacob wool yarn to take home. They each left with enough wool to spin a couple of ounces of yarn as well as some other fiber freebies I sent home with them to experiment. Sara says when she comes for open work night on Thursday, she is bringing her spindle instead of her knitting. Be careful, Sara, it's very, very addictive!!!

Here are just a few of my handspun yarns that I take to class for my students to look at so they can see what they can make. Spinning yarn is fun and it's great to be able to make it however you want it! Mixed in amongst the yarn are several items made with handspun as well. You are looking at wool, alpaca, silk, llama, bamboo, and more!
On another note, my latest design is out in this month's issue of Crochet World. It is the Lovely Ruffles Shawl and CW did a great job photographing it. It will be posted a little later on the website. To look at my other designs, go to . Whatever your fiber passion, have a fun time with it and have a great weekend!
Crochet Renee'


The Yarn Store & More said...

Great Class Renee'. I wish I could have joined in but yesterday was a busy day as you could tell.
I hope the spinning bug spreads. As I was telling PJ if my mind had been in gear I should have made yesterday a demo day for spinning. That will be a "to do" on our list of things for the store.
Thanks for all you do. You have been so great with all of your classes. I get nothing but kudos for you from your students.

Crochet Renee' said...

Thanks Kathy! I enjoy hanging out with you guys and would love to do a demo day sometime soon. I am glad that everyone seems happy with the job I am doing.